Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Small Town Pennsylvania is Full of Bitter, Religious, Gun-Toting Xenophobic Rednecks

I grew up there; it is true; anyone living there knows it. However, the aforementioned rednecks aren't a large bloc in the Democratic primary, so the idea that Obama made some kind of serious gaffe in pointing that out seems kind of peculiar to me. The Democrats who live among the rednecks are more painfully aware of their failings (and, apparently enough of their charms to not pack up and move to Providence) than anyone else. On the other hand, there is a sort of "talking behind our backs" element to it that I suppose some people might find annoying.

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Stephen Downes said...

Obama's "gaffe" exists only in the minds of politically-motivated commentators (who, after the previous eight years of misrule, should be hiding their faces in shame, not carping at their replacements).