Friday, November 07, 2008


Reportedly, the incoming freshman class at the neighborhood high school is noticeably less computer literate than their peers over the past decade or so, using the classical definition of "computer literate" as knowing how to do things like cut and paste with the mouse. Presumably this reflects changes in middle school priorities.

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Dan Meyer said...

You presume their priorities are on standardized math and English, correct?

We used laptops yesterday in freshman Algebra and I don't know a) where they should be w/r/t computing skills, or b) where they are in relationship to previous classes, I just know they suck at all the stuff the edtechnoblogosphere tells me they mastered while in the womb.

And PS I'm glad this election's over 'cause it was getting harder and harder to distinguish Tuttle SVC from TPM. Form- and content-wise, I mean.