Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Early Jaded

Seventeen years and 11 months ago, I was standing outside a dorm at Evergreen College listening to Nirvana's set in the living room rattling through the windows, chatting with Mark Robinson and Tobi Vail and generally feeling like Nirvana was a band whose moment had past. They were great in the summer of 1989, but that was a long time ago. Of course, the following year they released Nevermind, the most influential rock record of the decade.

I'm kind of feeling the same way about OLPC, but I also suspect I'm wrong in the same way. So... I don't have anything in particular to say about the new G1G1, except I'm happy that it seems like they're going to be able to keep the ball rolling, and if they can find a drummer as good as Dave Grohl, they'll be unstoppable. Well, as long as Nicholas Negroponte doesn't marry Courtney Love.

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