Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down with BTT

Why I Left and related posts from DC Teacher Chic make for engaging reading. I'd avoid drawing too many larger conclusions, aside from perhaps that one can predict that the wave of enthusiasm for teacher quality will be followed by the startling discovery of the importance of principal quality.

But it also gives me the opportunity to point out something I haven't otherwise had the excuse to do:

As the meeting ended, one student came up to me and said, “Ms. M, Sedric and Rahnold said BTT is still in effect.” BTT stands for “Bust the Teachers,” and it’s a program about 5-6 of the 5th grade boys have. It basically means to give the teachers a hard time, disobey, disrespect, disrupt, etc. This was not good news.

Now, just imagine that you've got a new merit pay and or "you'll get fired for low test scores" initiative in your district and the kids start talking about BTT on test week.

Later... Actually, it is unfair for me to assume the principal is the problem in this case. I think it is prudent not to draw any specific conclusions from this train wreck.

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