Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing Bringing In a Cadre of Energetic TFA-er's Can't Fix


Interviews with teachers, parents, students and police paint a picture of a troubled school that, far from hitting bottom with its placement on "restructuring" status, has fallen into an even deeper hole. It is overenrolled and understaffed and lacks the extra academic support promised by Rhee, teachers said.

No matter how bad things look, they can still get worse. Forget that at your peril.

Nobody could have predicted...

"We're getting a lot of new principals who, quite frankly, are not very skillful at handling student discipline," Parker said.

Vernon Williams, a union leader and Advanced Placement English teacher at Spingarn High School in Northeast, said he saw a generation of young, talented but inexperienced teachers burning out because of a lack of administrative support in handling unruly students. "I'm not sure how long these newer teachers are going to last," he said.

Obviously the next step is to fire more veterans.

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