Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Cycle of Life

M. Klonsky:

Thus, the new 3 Pillars strategy strikes a mighty blow against all those who claimed that “school structure was sufficient.” But who are they? Sufficient to do what? Does this mean that the 3 Pillars are “sufficient?” Who knows? Who dares to ask? And doesn’t the foundation make this same discovery--about small not being a panacea—every three years or so?

So while change is in the air in Seattle, some things remain the same. Power philanthropy still rules the roost of top-down school reform. Critical thinking is still AWOL. For those in the schools, it’s buy-in or buy-out. You’re not at the table.

Top-down reform inevitably fails. When it does, there’s always another secret summit, a new set of cadre, and a new set of threes.

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