Monday, November 24, 2008

Repeating Myself

Obviously, I hit recurring themes here, but increasingly I get these panicky feelings that I'm writing exactly the same posts over and over. Did I write exactly this post the last time NCTE put out something about 21st Century Skills. Maybe, but apparently if I did it was more than two years ago, so that's probably permissible. Also, it is hard to keep track of which posts I actually published, compared to the ones I wrote in my head, or started then abandoned.

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Unknown said...

Well, does it *matter* if you're repeating yourself? Blogs are media of first impression. I probably didn't read the original post, and, anyway, even if I did, the reason I would keep reading your blog would be to keep being reminded of your perspective.

This is one less worry you should bother having. I don't want you to be constantly original, always a revelation. I want you to be right.