Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doesn't Philly have Asian Gangs?

As a resident of Providence, reading about black on Asian violence in Philly schools, one obvious question presents itself: doesn't Philly have any Asian gangs to take care of this kind of thing? What's the deal?

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Anonymous said...

Downtown South Philly: KAYB ( Krazy Ass Young Bloodz )
SPB ( South Philly Bloodz )
DAB ( Dem Amazing Bloodz )
TRG ( Tiny Rascal Gang )
CCB ( Crazy Crip Boyz )
Uptown South Philly:
TRG ( Tiny Rascal Gang )
OKP ( Original Khmer Pride )
KBB ( Krazy Blood Boyz ) South West Philly: LGB ( Loko Gangsta Bloodz )