Saturday, January 16, 2010

Web 1.0

Can anyone even remember Web 1.0 anymore? Seriously?


Bill said...

Funny you mention this - I was writing a lesson plan for high school students to create web pages. It's a commonly requested skill, and I want kids to be able to create webpages instead of write papers (in some classes).

I realized the idea of a webpage that doesn't do anything is absurd to these kids. A static webpage is virtually unthinkable.

So now, in addition to basic HTML, they are learning jquery, and we use a CMS that makes adding interactive features easy.

We are also covering basic PHP.

Joel VerDuin said...

I do... our filtering product reminds me daily of how filtering technology was a less horrible fit for the Web 1.0 days. Today it possibly teeters toward the edge of useless.