Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pulling things out of the Air


Among the changes that Gist’s staff has already made to the application is removing a section stating that if a student is taught by a teacher deemed to be “ineffective” two years in a row, a letter would be sent home to the parents.

First off, no I am not so obsessed that I went the department of education to read the Race to the Top draft.

And, not to flog a dead horse, since they apparently dropped this half-baked idea from the plan, but still, I can't not be shocked by this stuff.

One thing about education is, there are a lot of schools in the world, and, given the sample size, a lot of effective schools, even if most aren't. And a competitiveness argument inherently accepts that there are lots of successful schools elsewhere.

Do any of them do this? Anywhere? I bet the answer to that question is "No." Beyond that, this is just an extension of provisions in NCLB which virtually everyone agrees are the least successful parts of the bill.

This is just pulling ideas out of the air. It is grasping at straws.

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