Sunday, January 10, 2010

WAR! (as the causal soldier knows it)

News of EVE:

49-U6U, Querious - Over 547 ships have been lost in the last 24 hours and 216 of those in the last hour alone as GoonSwarm repels a Systematic-Chaos and Against ALL Authorities invasion of this GoonSwarm held system. SBUs have been deployed and battles are raging around them...

Although Goons appear to be holding onto the system, Hratli reports that "AAA renter" Ushra'Khan has killed 78 GoonSwarm carriers. What impact those losses will have on the ongoing defense of the system remains to be seen.

We are in this fight, but the line about Ushra'Khan taking out 78 carriers is some kind of Goon disinformation (and we don't pay rent to AAA).

I logged on Saturday night expecting this fight to be over, but the massive slugfest was still going on. So I jumped in an interdictor (the Puny But Angry) and headed over to the fight, before getting stuck behind a Brick Squad blockade on the entry gate to 49-U6U. I sat at a station for about 45 minutes with some other trapped support ships, listening to fleet comms call for more interdictors in the battle zone, until there was enough of a pause in the action for the main fleet to send a detachment to break the blockade. At that point we made a run for it, but unfortunately, I got bombed (with my micro warp drive running), woke up in a fresh clone back at home base, and decided to call it a night.

On one hand, this was boring and unsuccessful, but if you want to have a grunt's eye view of a massive wargame, this is the kind of thing you're signing up for.


Catch - Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] are currently fighting wars on two fronts, one in an attempt to free systems that were recently taken by Libertas Fidelitas [LFA], with help from Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and a second against GoonSwarm [OHGOD] in 49-U6U.

As of this time F9E-KX, SV5-8N, WD-VTV, and 9KOE-A have been taken by the Providence residents with capital fleets currently deployed by .-A-. and friends as they attempt to free F9E-KX and SV5-8N. With the fighting still in progress it looks possible that .-A-. may be able to recover SV5-8N, though reports indicate that they are taking losses of about five to one at the current time.

From our point of view, World War III has just broken out. There are well over 10,000 characters in the involved alliances. Should be fun!


Stephen Downes said...

OK, I want to know... how do I sign up and join Ushra'Khan?

Tom Hoffman said...

Well, I'll send you an invite to EVE which will give you a 21 day trial and then it is $15 a month afterwards. Oh, and they don't officially support Linux anymore... I don't remember what OS you use these days.

I can vouch for you to join U'K once you get a basic handle on the game. Bear in mind that we're primarily a Minmatar alliance, although you might like the more libertine Gallente race, which is generally allied with the Minmatar and would fit in fine. Also, give yourself a good sci fi sounding name...