Monday, January 25, 2010

Star Fraction Joins the Fray

The Cosmopolite:

The Star Fraction Begins Operation Black Lustrum

As of this date, on the 5th anniversary of the alliance's foundation, the Freecaptains of the Star Fraction have commenced Phase One of Operation Black Lustrum, a campaign against the 'Holder' vassals of the CVA-ruled Providence bloc. The initial target of Black Lustrum is the Sev3rance alliance, a long-standing collaborator in the slave empire of the CVA.

The 'Holder' alliances of Providence, vassals and slaves to the CVA one and all, are in many ways more loathesome than the CVA itself. They are incapable of standing alone. They collaborate in a vile regime of slavery, standings enclosurism and violent expansionism. They are the levy troops of the CVA, thrown into battle against its foes at its whim. They may do nothing without the authority and imprimatur of the CVA. They own nothing. They are mere tenants. Without the CVA's protection, and the slave armies it will call to defend not them but rather the territories it rules through them, they are nothing.

Yet without them the CVA itself would be immeasurably weaker. This must be recognised. The CVA's battle thralls, mining slaves and bounty hunters underpin and prop up its regime in Providence. They fuel and participate in its new offensive into the Catch region. We understand that the vassals are the weak point as well as the strength of the CVA slave empire. They must be attacked and weakened to in turn weaken the brute blood beast that is the tyrant regime of Providence. The Freecaptains of the Star Fraction will wage guerilla war against the vassals that serve as a willing black gang in the engine room of the CVA's vast slave barque. If the stokers continue to collaborate then they must be deprived of their fuel and ultimately their living.

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