Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Coming Blogapocalypse

I have not yet commented on Dean Millot's post last week on This Week in Education questioning the conflicts of interest evident in the Race to the Top process, which was subsequently pulled by the blog's patrons at Scholastic. Ken Libby's post at Schools Matter is as good a place as any to catch up. Make sure and scroll down to read Dean's comment.

As Dean wrote, he's been fired from the TWIE gig, and he doesn't want to start a new blog for himself because he is more of a columnist than a blogger. He's the sort of writer that it is hard to respond to in a blog post. Too many ideas; too much thought necessary; so Dean's posts tend to sit in a tab until you guiltily delete them without coming up with a suitable response.

Dean has come up with a clever scheme to explain further what was behind his original post and what happened after it went up. He's going to guest post on four or possibly five blogs in coming days, including this one. This shows a deep understanding of the true essence of blogging: helping your friends and hurting your enemies. I'm honored to be of service.

I've not met Dean, but we share a connection through the late Tom Glennan, as level-headed, rigorous and perceptive an analyst of schools and school reform as I've met. Dean seems to be cut from the same cloth as his former RAND mentor.

In the meantime, I need to redd up around here, hose out the old hangar. It stinks of Minmatar grog and pod goo from last night's celebration.

By the way, it looks like I'm getting the post on "Rotherham's role in all this." Should be good for lulz and tears, delicious tears.

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