Friday, February 26, 2010

Kabuki Negotiation in Central Falls

Pat Crowley on RI Future:

As the facts start to trickle out about what really happened in Central Falls, one thing is becoming clear: the teachers, no matter what they may have been told, and no matter what may be being said about them, didn’t have a shot at changing what appears to have been a pre-determined outcome by Central Falls School Superintendent Gallo.   The Projo has a video up from yesterday’s Board of Regents meeting where Commissioner Gist finally let’s the cat out of the bag.  She says:

What was happening before the selection was made was not a negotiation.


Whether they (the teachers) say they were supporting the transformation model or not, they say they are willing or not, that part does not factor in.

That’s right.  They teachers had no choice and no chance to work collaboratively on finding a solution.  The power solely resting in the hands of the Gallo and Gist, and the teachers could listen to what was going to happen to them but had no right to affect the outcome.

This is certainly one reason why "Parents are scarce at meeting to improve education system." Everyone knows that the superintendent has already decided what to do in Providence. Or at least that the range of options is even more limited than the four choices offered.

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