Friday, February 12, 2010

A Revealing Statistic

Mark Engler:

In 1971, the most popular field of study at universities in the United States was education. Social sciences and history came in a fairly close second, with all other fields falling far behind. But by the millennium, those patterns were a distant memory.

Business had become king on campus. It now awards twice as many degrees as any other field. As a corollary development, the famed “dismal science” is also surging. Ask Harvard undergraduates what they are studying, and their most likely answer will be “Econ.”

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garrett said...

At the univircity where I work, the Stragegic Communications(?) Dept employs a guy who runs the audio/visual equipment. I'm hoping to introduce myself, and work with him on a grant proposal for something related to this field. Education as a whole, could probably referred to as the 'dismal science', and I say that happily.