Monday, June 08, 2009

48 of 48? 48 of 80?

Bob Herbert:

How has it worked out? Shanequa is in the first graduating class of the new high school. Of the 48 seniors, 48 will be going on to college.

Gaston College Preparatory:

Growing from a single group of 80 students in 2001, KIPP Gaston now has over 600 students in grades 5-12 and is one of the highest performing public schools in North Carolina.

How are the other 32 doing? Also, it would be helpful if editorials like this would mention what kind of colleges they're talking about. From what Herbert says they could be winnowing out the bottom 40% and getting the rest accepted into non-selective colleges. "Going on to college" doesn't tell you that much.

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Dan Meyer said...

You're running a sharp eye lately, Tom. Good stuff.