Thursday, June 04, 2009

Virtual Inflation Up Slightly

EVE Online Quarterly Economic Newsletter, 1st Quarter 2009:

There is a significant increase in the (CPI) between January and February of Q1, 2009. The index rose from 60.3 in January to 61.9 in February, or by 2.7%. This is a significant increase, especially in light of the deflation that has been ongoing in EVE for the past two years now. The main reason for this increase in February was an increase in the price of Tech II ships and Tech II modules. This is directly related to the end of the POS starbase exploit, since the price of the high-end materials needed for Tech II production increased after the POS starbase exploit was fixed. However, Tech I ships increased as well. On average, the price for all Tech I ships increased by 0.38%, and with all Tech I ships weighing about 15% of the overall traded volume, the total impact on the CPI by Tech I ships is 0.06% points. This is also clear when looking at individual items. Of the top 10 items that impacted the CPI with regard to price increases, six are Tech II ships.

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