Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Teacher Contract Day in America

Like NYC, Providence apparently has a new contract agreement between the city and union leadership (pending a rank and file vote). It doesn't seem very different than the current contract, a little more money, a little bigger co-pay, etc. Given that the RI education commissioner can apparently override parts of the contract now by fiat, I wouldn't expect much reform to come through the formal contract negotiation process.

The good news is you can now start the timer on Brady getting out of here. He'll have a signed contract, new middle school and a new core curriculum ostensibly implemented next fall. He should try get a new job before next year's test scores come out. The only problem with getting rid of him is that overall capacity on Westminster Street is lower than ever.

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Anonymous said...

We'll take Brady back if you take Ackerman from us, plus a "Superintendent to be Named Later".

-Philly teacher