Sunday, August 09, 2009

Big Picture Decides it Needs a Social Media Strategy

Dennis Littky:

attendees at big bang just reached out to 4546 people via facebook, text, and twitter to spread the word about big picture learning's work!

I can't think of a single blogger who works at a prominent charter management organization or one of their schools. I'm sure there are a few, somewhere (there may be a whole TFA and post-TFA layer that's under the radar of us old people), but as I've been pointing out for years, the separation between the whole online "school 2.0" conversation and the actual next generation of US schools (more or less) has been vexing.

Anyhow, if I'm missing something, feel free to clue me in.


Sarah said...

For what it's worth I'm unaware of the slew of TFA blogs. (Despite getting a link to TeachFor.Us, I didn't set up my teaching blog there.) I can go through and list several blogs by TFA teachers, but I still wonder about who's bridging "school 2.0" online and in the classroom. I feel like it's a larger crowd when I talk with people online than when I think about how few 2.0 teachers/administrators/etc. there are per school.

Unknown said...

Big Picture Learning is doing everything that we can to bridge the 2.0 gap and keep our organization and our network of schools connected and up to date: we have an active Facebook page and group, a YouTube channel, Dennis & Elliot Twitter, we are working on getting Elliot's blog off the ground, we've gotten Elliot published in the Huff Post, and our website features many current apps to connect and communicate. What you've picked up via Twitter was a small activity during a morning pick-me-up with 200 PD participants to try to extend our communications net over an even wider audience. I hope that helps clarify things....

Tom Hoffman said...


I don't mean to totally slag you guys. It has just taken a looooong time for you to get going on this.