Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changes at

From my perspective, Clay Burrell was often gratingly off-message, but apparently he's left's education blog, and so far it seems to be, not surprisingly, reverting to posts that actually reflect Obama/Duncan's lousy policy viewpoint. Ah well, unsubscription is always just a click away.


For instance, while the percentage of Americans who have confidence that Obama "will make the right decisions for the country" dropped 11 points since April, among liberals it dropped 12 points – from an admittedly high 90 percent to 78 percent this week. The percentage of liberals who believe Obama can make a significant change in the healthcare system has dropped 13 percent, more than the 11 percent overall.

The WaPo's Agiesta cautioned Sargent against making too much of those findings, arguing that the drop among independents was probably playing a bigger role in his overall decline. But she did admit, “This is the first sign that something is going wrong with his base.”

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