Monday, August 24, 2009

I Find this Tweet to be Disturbing on About Six Different Levels and Meta-Levels

RI Commissioner of Education Deborah Gist:

Deasy rocks my world.

However, dear reader, it is in no way worth an hour of your time to experience in how many facets the linked presentation fails to rock.

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doyle said...

I'm feverish today, so maybe I am hallucinating, but as I am listening to this, as hard as it is to stomach (especially while fighting a late summer gastroenteritis), it may well be worth the time just to remind me just how poisonous the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has become.

I am also disturbed by "Dr." Peasy's title: U.S. Education Deputy Director--the Gates' case for the Bill Gates School of Reformation depends on misinformation. It's no accident.