Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ushra'Khan Rising

The past week has been a lot of fun in EVE. Ushra'Khan's war against Sylph goes well, they've lost almost half their pilots and some key leadership, while Ushra'Khan has been steadily growing.

They've been having trouble keeping their stations fueled, which has led to some crazy heists of their offlined hangars. To keep the pressure on their logistics system, we've been camping their ice asteroid belts (the source of station fuel). So I've been leaving a computer logged on with my character hanging out in a cloaked stealth bomber above one of their ice belts, keeping an eye on it as I go about my other business, driving off any attempts to mine with a few torpedo volleys. It is quite amusing for me, and I'm sure equally annoying to them. I did notice a lot of extra pilots in system on Saturday, the 10th wedding anniversary for Jennifer and me and thus not a big gaming day, and later discovered that some extreme mayhem was going down.

Part of adding members to U'K has meant more US timezone action, which also led to a few good kills, including getting the final blow on two Hulks, which earned me my first combat bonus from the Alliance, a cool 20,000,000 ISK. Hopefully we can keep up the action in the hours I'm actually able to play in the weeks to come...

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