Friday, February 25, 2011

The Providence Plan

OK, so yes, all Providence teachers are slated to be fired at the end of the school year. Just as much as if your boss told you, "As of next Tuesday, you don't need to come to work anymore." Just as much as the Central Falls High School teachers last year. Except for everyone in the district.


Speaker after speaker demanded to know why they were being fired. Didn't the teachers' union sign the federal Race to the Top initiative? Hasn't the union collaborated with Supt. Tom Brady on new curricula? Isn't the union working on a new teacher evaluation with the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers?

So, basically, at this point the plan at at least some of the schools in the district is to fire everyone, then rehire people using the Criterion Based Hiring panels which are predominantly made of teachers they just fired, to work at schools which are managed by a collaborative board of administrators and the teacher's union, of which all the members have been fired.

That should work out really well.

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