Monday, February 14, 2011

PVD 11th Grade NECAP Reading Scores

Not good. High school reading scores down across the board except for the Cooley, the surviving turnaround school, which went up 21 points before the actual "turnaround" has even been started. This is, by the way, not considered a statistically significant increase for a school of its size (small), which really makes you wonder about this whole process.

The district proficiency rate for the past three years: 55%, 61%, 57%.

Here's a quick and dirty graph of the individual schools:

Unfortunately RIDE's spreadsheet doesn't go back to 2007, or you'd see most of these school had three years of increases, probably attributed to the steady inflation following the introduction of a new test, but still, these are supposed to at worst level off, not go down.

Math continued to bump along the bottom of the scale.

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