Monday, February 28, 2011

What Happens When You Arbitrarily and Capriciously Terminate Teachers

Digging into ancient history (Washington Examiner, three weeks ago):

The first 75 teachers who former Chancellor Michelle Rhee fired must be given about $7.5 million in back wages and offered positions with D.C. Public Schools, an arbitrator ruled.

"The [termination] process used in this case was so devoid of due process as to be arbitrary and capricious," arbitrator Charles Feigenbaum said in his verdict favoring the Washington Teachers' Union, which has been fighting D.C. Public Schools officials over the July 2008 dismissals for more than two years.

Rhee fired 75 first- and second-year teachers after asking principals to recommend recent hires for dismissal. D.C. Public Schools officials told teachers that they couldn't appeal because they had yet to earn tenure, but did not disclose the reasons for their dismissals.

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