Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting on the Pandaboard

In case you were wondering, my Pandaboard seems to be still backordered. This seems to be fairly typical in the world of developer hardware references (i.e., bare systems put together to encourage companies to adopt an embedded platform for their products). In the meantime, someone else has made a case like I was planning to, although they're also out of stock. So... I guess I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

The boards are shipping to Digi-key at about 250/week. Hopefully your board will ship out soon!

Tom Hoffman said...

The whole ordering process at Digi-Key is so weird I don't have a lot of confidence. Actually, the first time I thought I placed my order I apparently bailed out at some point before actually submitting my order and forgot that I did, so that was an additional delay.