Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Discovered: Geek Attack Sticker Cache

You might not be surprised to learn that one of my favorite things in high school was the GEEK ATTACK skate 'zine, since the geek and skate culture Venn diagrams don't have a very big overlap. So I was giddy last night after accidentally discovering a folder full of silk screened GA stickers and even a spray paint stencil. Based on the enclosed note that was my award for successfully answering all the questions on the previous issue's "geek quiz."

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garrett said...

Standing approx 5ft from computer screen, i appreciate most the third dimension of layering. One might say "Cubist!" One might say "Pop! (ala warhola)" One might say, "what indeed is the contents of Manifesto!" "REDUX! REDUX! REDUX!" chant thine geek.