Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Question is How Fast

In the interest of full disclosure, some video from this morning's session in Groton:

Two comments: 1) everything is way bigger in real life than it looks on video; 2) as slow as it looks like I'm going, it feels like I'm screaming through those first two turns, which, I suppose, is what really matters.

Also, I'm playing the drums in the soundtrack.


garrett said...

Hoffmeister, the recording sounds great. i never really listened to much KH Trio. Thick, rich, and teeming with protein. Nice. Karl is an anomaly. being fortunate enough to have known him may be the greatest aspect for me.

1)Regarding the first of your two comments: corresponds with my belief that Jack Black is firstly a circus midget; his movies and music stuff are sell-out efforts to simply pay the bills. What u say? see there, when you're a midget, and esp. a talented midget like Jack, why shouldn't you be allowed to indulge in caviar, vintage GTOs, champagne etal like the Big (he's fat yes, give him that) boys?! Differently from my own flea circus hovel - where there ain't no justice!! Just! Us!!

Guy said...

I would recognize that drumming anywhere.

garrett said...

I don't get it Guy. While tight and perfect for the song (said with emphasis), I really don't see how this is much different than T. Barker, D. Grohl or Death Cab's guy, or whoever. Unless it's an inside joke type of blog comment, in which I should shut up.
Hey Tom, you still have the cassette of Kafka? I just mailed my compact disk duplicate to T Parker, though I still have the gems in mp3 form.

Tom Hoffman said...

Yes, I believe I have at least one of those cassettes lying around. Can't put my hands on it right this second, but I'll pull them out next time I see them.

Guy, of course, was around for the genesis of my drum sound, honed on tupperware in Rob's bedroom back in Huntingdon, so he should know it in his bones.