Friday, June 10, 2011

The Inside Game

Last night's only Providence meeting on the Acheivement First Mayoral Academies was, unfortunately, still dominated by people not from Providence. This is not surprising since Providence, including its mayor, are still almost completely in the dark about this proposal and its long term implications. Achievement First did haul some parents up from Brooklyn, which might have been at least useful inside the room if it wasn't full of middle class white people from Cranston, for whom the New Yorkers' presence mostly just emphasized how alien AF is to a suburban community.

I am, more broadly, surprised that AF & RIMA seem to have made no attempt whatsoever to simply round up a half-dozen regular low-income Providence residents who would be happy to send their kids to an AF charter. It might be tricky in Cranston, but here? Send a couple people door to door or get in touch with a few community groups. Apparently they didn't think it would be worth the bother -- or the risk of alerting more people here to the plan.

My other comment is, boy that guy from DfER is a real standout jackass. I felt like it was 2006, and he was pushing an option ARM on us.

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