Monday, June 06, 2011

Email from the Mayor's Office

Angela Romans, Senior Advisor on Education:

Mayor Taveras has not been directly briefed on the Achievement First Mayoral Academy proposal by Mayor Fung or RIMA. As the Mayor’s Education Advisor, I have met with Mayor Fung and RIMA recently to ask some general questions about the proposal.

The administration has not yet had an opportunity to do an analysis of the costs of the proposal and possible resultant effects on Providence, positive or otherwise. As such, Mayor Taveras does not have an official position on this application. If the application moves forward in the approval process by the Regents, all of the above will need to happen and then Mayor Taveras can take a position.

I'm unclear at this point on what a favored CMO would have to do to not have their charter proposal approved.


Leroy's Mom said...

They really seem to have no idea what the implications are for this, do they?

Jen Davey said...

Mayor Taveras just announced the first meeting of his Education Opportunity Working Group, which took place today.

Um, *after* firing all the teachers and closing 5 schools?