Friday, June 03, 2011

Turning Your Learning Device Into a Secure Testing Environment


Cupp Computing is now launching as a product their module to replace the hard drive in any Laptop, add an SSD, up to 2 MicroSD cards (one for the ARM Powered OS of your choice), and with a keyboard shortcut you instantly go from the ARM Powered OS to the x86 OS, and back while the x86 goes to sleep.

I was just thinking that devices like that would help us survive the coming collision between the technical and security requirements of year-round online high-stakes testing and, well, all other use of technology in schools. Basically, you'd have your device, pc, whatever that you use normally, install software on, completely screw up, whatever, but when you take a test, you'd be given an inexpensive hardware module that would hijack the screen, keyboard, etc. and turn it into a secure testing environment.

Of course this is the kind of thing that takes long-term planning and a more assertive relationship to industry, so there is little chance it could happen here.

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