Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's PPSD News

Perhaps this teacher quoted at Rhode Island Red Teacher knew what he or she was talking about:

I just heard the other day that the computer program they’re supposedly going to use to match us was set up for 55 teachers, and they’re going to be using it for 370—they don’t even know if it’s going to work. They never even tried it on the 55—they set it up for the 55 R’s in Pool. They never used it on the 55 R’s in pool, and now they’re going to use it on 370 teachers, but they don’t even know if the program works. So we’ll go to this match event, and the principals will do their thing, and we’ll do our thing and whatever, and then maybe a week later, they’ll have figured out who’s going where. But maybe not, because if this program doesn’t work, then where do we go from there?

Because they missed the deadline today to announce who was "matched" to which jobs.

Also, this is when I remind you that the PPSD isn't run by hippie or mafia holdovers from the 70's, but Broadies, New Teacher Project types, etc.

Elisabeth Harrison:

Susan Lusi will take over the Providence Schools when Superintendent Tom Brady steps down next month. Lusi is currently the superintendent of the Portsmouth School Department but announced her intention to retire earlier this year. Providence officials say she is familiar with their school district, having served as chief of staff from 2001-2003.

I can't remember anything about Susan Lusi, which is, well, better than associating her name with fear and loathing. To be honest, I'd rather they'd just hired her permanently, because there are really only two kinds of people who I can imagine taking this job. A) People with a long-term connection to Providence, Rhode Island or the Mayor. B) Someone who wants to establish his or her reputation by euthanizing a small urban district, something easier to take down quickly than New Orleans, Detroit or Chicago.

I'd prefer type A.

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