Thursday, March 07, 2013

From the "Things That Will Never Happen" File: 50 State with Equal Population

Neil Freeman:

The map began with an algorithm that grouped counties based on proximity, urban area, and commuting patterns. The algorithm was seeded with the fifty largest cities. After that, manual changes took into account compact shapes, equal populations, metro areas divided by state lines, and drainage basins. In certain areas, divisions are based on census tract lines.

I've lived in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and none of them make much sense as states.

This map is presented in the context of electoral college reform, but these states just make way more sense in general. America with these state lines would be a vastly different country, with urban interests fully represented.

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garrett said...

That must have been a cute little project drawing up those state lines and labeling them with astute nametags. If you want, please remind me to play the role of Snotgrass Uncle and recommend this geo-exercise to my 11 yr old nephew.