Monday, March 18, 2013

Hobby Update

Soupy coming along.

Soupy, One Month Later

I actually cut into one last weekend because it had a bad spot:

Soupy week 3.

It was still pretty raw in the middle. The hard part is trying to get them to dry uniformly throughout. I brought over a humidifier today to try to slow down the drying process and give it time to even out.

Also, more 19th century catching practice:

1880's Catching Practice 2 from Tom Hoffman on Vimeo.

You can tell Tony is a more experienced catcher, teacher and coach than me by the way he gives feedback after every pitch. I'm setting up higher with my feet closer together this week, and I think it is an improvement.

I watched a lot of wicket keeping tips on YouTube this week to get some ideas.

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Tom said...

Backstory (a great history podcast) had an episode on historical reenactments which included a story on historical baseball that might interest you.