Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader, Whatever

I can export all the data I really need out of Google Reader and imported into whatever RSS reading I decide to start using before July, so what's the big deal?


Lear said...

Thank you.

I was following tech posts all day, and it seems like this is actually a front-burner thing for people.

I sometimes feel I'm from an alien race of tech people; I don't care about presentation tools, mind-mapping tools, or the life cycle of Google products.

I like the Chromebook, though. But that's pretty much all I have to say on that topic.

Dan Carroll said...

Personally, I'm frustrated because I became dependent on Google Reader as my RSS sync infrastructure.

I can read 2/5 articles on a blog using Reeder on my iPhone, then read the remaining on Google Reader's website on my laptop. Stars/folders/etc all sync between devices as well.

It looks like someone (Feedly?) will replicate Google Reader's API and become the replacement "plumbing" between RSS clients, but I doubt the transition will be seamless.

Tom Hoffman said...

Hi Dan,

I'm in the same boat -- Reeder has quickly become as much or more important than the web interface for me, but I'm feeling like the market for RSS is big enough that people will step in, especially since most of the people who heavily use RSS are serious enough to understand the advantages of paying a few bucks.

This has triggered some thinking about the eventual demise of Blogger as well, and I think it is ultimately the same situation. Google's not going to do it on short notice, and there will be plenty of other people willing to make it easy for serious bloggers to move over.