Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Can Sod It For You Wholesale

One of the perks of living in Rhode Island is the easy access to abundant sod farms. There's no reason to ever try to grow grass from seed here. If you just need a little, drive down to the farm and throw some in the back of the station wagon. Or have a couple of pallets delivered straight from the farm. Either way, the sod is fresh, surprisingly cheap and as close to instant gratification as you can get in your yard or garden.

So yeah, I laid down almost 1000 square feet yesterday:


Looks pretty good notwithstanding the abandoned house in the background. This is the best "before" snapshot that happens to be already uploaded to Flickr:


That's a few years old though. Note the wide, deep gravel path along the right side of the picture. While I appreciate that it is accurate to the period of the house, getting rid of that gravel was a massive pain. Luckily, we had a big hole to put it in after my pond liner gave out and my fish died a couple months ago. This picture is looking across where the pond used to be, towards a derelict carriage house. You can also see our new tulip tree.


Here's a view from the sidewalk:


Also, the back of the house is getting a fresh coat of paint, completing a painting project which spanned two summers:


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jackson blossom said...

Dude, your koi died? Shit...