Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zope 3 + Grok + RDF = Intriguing

Martijn Faassen:

Jasper Op de Coul and I worked on a package called megrok.rdf. Jasper is very familiar with RDF, so his experience there was invalabule. The megrok.rdf package uses the approach from megrok.rdb to expose RDF content as a first-class citizen in Grok. It was surprising and satisfying to see how well the approach fits RDF-based data as well. The megrok.rdf package will make it to svn.zope.org soon. If we can form a group of interested contributors around this package Grok can grow a powerful way to build web applications on top of an RDF triple store.

The practical drawback of not having as much social time at EuroPython, due to repeatedly falling asleep as everyone was assembling for dinner and doing our sprinting at POV HQ instead of the hotel, is that I didn't find out about this while I had face to face access to the involved parties.

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