Monday, July 21, 2008

Off the DL

My finger injuries have recovered enough to participate in a classic Providence Grays Insane Base Ball Overdose Weekend. We played 34 innings over the weekend. Underhand (1864) and overhand (1884) games against the Bridgeport Orators on Saturday and then a ferry ride over to Long Island to play the Brooklyn Atlantics on Sunday. We won both games in Bridgeport and then withered before the Atlantics, losing two.

Wearing wool from head to toe I almost coughed up a lung and keeled over on Saturday and survived on Sunday through not moving any more than necessary (not that difficult in the outfield a lot of the time), staying in the shade (the tree in right field helped with that) and pouring a bottle of ice water over my head after every inning. Despite the heat and the fact that I had only had one desultory batting practice in two months, I was hitting like crazy, going 8 for 9 in the two overhand games, with a double and two triples.

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