Monday, July 07, 2008

If Only David Warlick Had Some Platform for Expressing His Ideas About Education


The problem, in my opinion, began when we started to consider and to treat our students as our future workforce. When it became our industries that were at stake, rather than democracy, then we had no choice but to mechanize education, to turn it into an assembly line, where we install math, and install reading, and install science, and then measure each product at the end to make sure that they all meet the standards — that they all know the same things and think the same ways.

The sad part is that this theme of class as future work force is just about too firmly entrenched to turn around in the short months and years we have, before it’s too late. I’m finding myself promoting the creative arts skills for the sake of the economy, rather than a richer life for our children. But even within that story, I think that we can retool our classrooms in a way that does help our children inside and outside their work experiences.

Everything about David's construction of time, history and change makes no sense. In particular, this idea about having "short months and years... before it's too late." If time is running out, it has already run out, we just don't fully appreciate it. Or, time isn't really running out, it just seems like we're living in the end times, because people always think they're living in the end times.

Anyhow, I think everyone would be better off if David would say what he really believes and had enough faith in his own beliefs that he didn't have to couch everything in these bogus historical/futurist wrappers.

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