Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Achievement First Mayoral Academies in the ProJo

Maria Armental for the ProJo:

CRANSTON — Even as the state’s top education official is expected to commend a Cranston middle school next week at her annual state-of-education address, city officials are sharply divided over the standing and direction of local public schools — once considered the gemstone in this middle-class city in Providence’s suburban belt.

Not a bad article. Here's the tiny bombshell:

The state Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education is expected to consider the application at a June 2 work session and vote on it on June 16.

The proposal was posted online April 15 and has a 60 day public review period. Are they going to start considering it before the public comment period is over, or did they not post it at the beginning of the public comment period?

Also, I'm doing my part in the comments...

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