Thursday, May 26, 2011

Achievement First Mayoral Academy Public Meeting One

Well, there were a lot of people there. 150? Hard to say. Full room. Mostly anti-, most notably the pro- people weren't actually from Cranston.

Like most of these kind of things, it didn't seem like the people who would be making any decisions were actually there, so kind of a waste of time.

The main impression is the weirdness of the "mayoral academy" idea. Charters are controversial enough, connecting them to a town mayor just gives everyone someone to focus their anger on. Since the schools will only serve a small fraction of the populace, it is hard to see how it is a political winner inside the town.

The assumption is that McKee and Fung are doing this to make points for statewide runs. How this will play out when the leave is anyone's guess. These things usually don't end well.

My sense is that AFMA will probably be opened, fought over bitterly for about eight years, and then abruptly closed.


Brian said...

Tom--Can you provide more information on the hearing? Who conducted it--was it Fung, or was it the Cranston city council, or the school committee? What was public comment like--do you have to sign up in advance? Also, please see my blog post on this--I'd like to know your opinion. Thanks!

Tom Hoffman said...

It is one of two public comment sessions by and for RIDE required by the charter application process.

You have three minutes, sign up when you arrive.