Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike


I guess my question is why produce one blockbuster giant budget Batman movie every 4 years when you could release 2 per year. These would be smaller movies in terms of action and special effects, but given the ability to save costs in other ways (reusing sets, marketing, etc) they wouldn't have to be that much smaller.

Probably all a dumb idea, just curious why it hasn't been tried.

I've wondered about this too.

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Anonymous said...

Take this one or two steps further and you just have well-produced television.

Lots of reasons not to have this. Two really big ones:

1) Audience fatigue
2) Actor schedules
3) Lack of good writing/ideas to sustain that kind of development

After a certain number of movies that all play in the same world people stop going except for the diehards.