Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Un-Ideological Soup

Richard Elmore:

As I read the collected entries in the Futures of School Reform Blog, they seem bright, energetic, combative, and optimistic about the future of the enterprise of American public schooling. I wonder, as I read them, whether the writers are aware of what classrooms in American secondary schools actually look like--the dismal, glacial, adult-centered, congenially authoritarian, mindless soup in which our children spend the bulk of their days.

Our kids are soaking in it.

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tellio said...

I believe that this says it all and those of us who are in it face a constant wrestling match within and without to push the brokedown bus a few more feet down the road to pass off to the next scarred vet of the school wars. And, no most folk are clueless as to what realllllly happens in the classroom. Nor do they wish to become conversant. It is the stuff of tragedy, of having loved not wisely but too well.