Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Providence School Board: Rescission of Teacher Dismissals

The plan is here.

Quick reax:

  • As expected, this plan concentrates the pain on people in schools being closed or reorganized. Hard to argue this is less arbitrary than seniority, and it highly discourages working in at risk schools.
  • Teachers from Asa Messer and its Annex are automatically getting placements at the new "Used to Be Bridgham" Elementary School. If nothing else, I don't know why they ever said they were closing those schools instead of moving them.
  • Placements of displaced teachers will be done by an accelerated matching process rather than Criterion Bullshit Hiring.
  • No outside hires until after the in-house matching process is resolved.

Based on past experience, this plan will start to sound worse the more I think about it.

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