Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Perhaps Someone Should Explain the Mayoral Academy to the Mayor

I asked Mayor Taveras for his position on the Achievement First Mayoral Academies last night at a community forum at WBNA. He was noncommittal, but in particular said that while he was aware that Fung had proposed a mayoral academy, he hadn't heard that it was for five schools.

This is, unfortunately, believable, as the proponents of this proposal have done a good job so far of obscuring its true scope.

The Mayor did mention, however, that he and Mayor Fung are old friends from Classical High School. Perhaps they'll sort this out between the two of them.

Regardless, it was good to see that there are more than a few people in Providence who are alerted to the overall national reform agenda and see where this is all pointed in the longer run.

Sneak attacks are going to get more difficult.

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