Monday, May 16, 2011

What is a "School?"

Considering how important school-level accountability, I'm amazed at how flexible the definition of a school is to the PPSD.

Asa Messer Elementary and Annex are being moved into one building, and apparently will become a single completely new entity but nobody has to re-apply for their jobs?

Fortes and Lima Elementaries are being completely rearranged by grade level and partially moved, but will still be the same schools, and about half the teachers in each have lost their jobs?

Hope High went from one school to three to two (depressing the two remaining schools' test scores)?

Are PAIS and Cooley high schools and Woods and Young elementaries are merging.

Which of these will be considered new schools for accountability purposes?

I don't know whether this is all being done ad hoc or whether it is a carefully constructed plan to game the system.

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