Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Central Falls Principal(s) Announced


Evelyn Cosme Jones, currently one of the assistant principals at the high school, and Sonn Sam, principal of the MET school in Providence, have been selected to serve as co-principals, Gallo said.

Before coming to Central Falls High School, Jones worked as an assistant principal at three Providence schools, E{+3} Academy, Central High School and Hope High School. She was a Spanish teacher in several schools and is also proficient in Portuguese. (...)

“She’s phenomenal, with superior skills, particularly in analyzing student data,” Gallo said. “We already know she is well-liked by students and teachers, and we desperately wanted to keep her.”

Sam has led the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, known as the MET school, since 2006. He also worked there as an assistant principal and a teacher and advisor since 2003.

I don't know either of those people but they sound like interesting choices. Of course, none of the schools mentioned above even match Central Falls 7% proficiency rate on the 2009 math NECAP, so...

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