Friday, June 04, 2010

Good SchoolTool & CanDo News

SchoolTool will receive a 2010 Creating Excellence in Career & Technical Education Award from the Commonwealth of Virginia next month for our partnership with the Arlington Career Center and VA CTE. This may be the first time an open source software project has won this kind of award.

SchoolTool and CanDo (an extension of SchoolTool) have been used in five districts in Virginia this year. They've had some support from the state CTE resource center, but otherwise have self-hosted the software. They're running dedicated Ubuntu server instances for this purpose, which has proven to be as trouble-free and appliance-like as we'd hoped. Word must be getting out that CanDo is working, because thirty-eight districts have expressed interest in using the system next year!

Finally, the Northern Virginia Community College, which collaborates extensively with the Arlington Career Center on their Governor's Academy, will use CanDo in a demonstration project they're developing around portfolio assessment in Automotive Technology.

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