Monday, June 28, 2010

The Difference Between Charter Schools and District Schools

If you went to your local school board, or whatever, and said "I've got a great idea for a new high school (or perhaps a turnaround). I can produce for you a high school which will:

  • a) take in 150 9th graders a year,
  • b) four years later send 100 of them to college,
  • c) the other high schools in the district can take care of the other 50 who don't make it through our program,
  • and d) it only costs 1/3rd more than a regular high school!"

Would they say

  • a) "Brilliant! Just what we need!"
  • b) "LOL WTF! Get out."

I don't know, but apparently this is considered a successful charter school.

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Diana said...

I'm fairly amused with the declaration that 100% are headed to college. 100/150... is not 100%.