Monday, June 07, 2010

Pick for Central Falls principal misstated record on resume

WRNI's Elisabeth Harrison:

Sonn Sam, a principal since 2006 at the Met School in Providence, said he raised math scores on standardized state tests by 79 percent.

In fact, math scores at the Met have been flat since 2007, and just 4 percent of students reached proficiency last year.

On the radio, Fran Gallo said the numbers on his resume had no effect on the decision to hire him, which I totally believe, because everyone knows The Met's numbers aren't that great. Which isn't to say it isn't a good school in other ways.

However, "doesn't pay very close attention to numbers" isn't exactly what you want to hear about a turnaround principal (or superintendent). Nor is it indicative of someone ready to do some principalin' under a giant microscope. And frankly if they really thought he was ready, he wouldn't be co-principal. My sense is that his role is to lend reformy-ness and be super community relations guy.

Not that I have a dog in this hunt. I'm just rubbernecking.

The ProJo seems to have declined to cover this, btw.

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Joel VerDuin said...

That someone would specify "raising test scores" on a resume, AND that someone would feel a need to possibly misrepresent the number, speaks volumes about where we have arrived as a public education system.